Welcome to Period Equity.

We’re the nation’s first law and policy organization fighting for menstrual equity – committed to ensuring that menstrual products are affordable, safe and available to those in need.


What is Menstrual Equity?

In order to have a fully equitable society, we must have laws and policies that take into account the reality that half the population menstruates. Menstrual products should be tax-exempt. They should be affordable and available for all, safe for our bodies and the planet. Periods should not hold anyone back, period.


"This book may be the beginning of liberation for us all."

– Gloria Steinem


Tampons and pads are necessities, yet 35 states still tax them.

We are leading the nationwide campaign to eliminate the "tampon tax" and won't stop until every state recognizes that menstrual products are necessities and exempts them from sales tax. Keep Reading→

Access to hygiene – safe, affordable products and information – is at the heart of menstrual equity.

This is Period 101. Menstrual products may be out of reach for many struggling to make ends meet: students and those in shelters or correctional facilities. We’re crafting and advancing laws to ensure everyone can manage their period easily, affordably and without shame. Keep Reading→

Safe for your body. And the planet.

Commercially-marketed menstrual products should be safe for your body. And the planet. Pesticide, dioxin and toxin free. Period Equity supports legislation and regulation that requires manufacturers to disclose exactly what we’re putting inside our vaginas. Keep Reading→


Act now


Be loud and period proud.
Donate pads, tampons, and cups to those in need. Speak out and speak up!
Contact your local and state legislators, and your members of congress too.
Sign our petition and share our message online with #TamponTax and #MenstrualEquity.


International Women's Day


A tax on tampons is a tax on half of the population.
Update your Facebook profile pic and/or share these messages using #periodequity #notaluxury to tell the government where to stick the tampon tax.
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